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Hear the Whisper


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Hear The Whisper 


If you are taking time to read this you may be feeling stuck in some area in your life.  There maybe feelings of depression or anxiety.  Your stuck in the same patterns making the same choices.  You may have a sense that you have more to give to this world.  You have tried different healing modalities and find yourself repeating your patterns.

I've been in all those places. Breathwork and Mindful Mentoring are powerful tools that help release energy that has you stuck, find your purpose, and know you are worthy of the life you want to live. 


Work with me 1:1 to dig deep into those stuck emotions that are holding you back.  You will need to dress in comfortable clothing and bring a container of water.  You will simply breath.  The  breath has amazing power!


Mindful Mentoring: 

1:1sessions developed to support you, while you evolve your habits and set goals to create a purpose filled life.  Habits makeup a big part of our daily  life.  What are your habits?  How are they effecting you and your choices?  Comfortable dress and an open heart is all that is required! 

Sandy Beach

Together we can "Hear the Whisper" through the tools of Breath and Mindful Mentoring. Finding serenity and peace that we all desire.

Breathwork Sechedule
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Schedule a Session

Where will we meet?

Sessions are conducted at a location that works for both of us. It could be in one of the locations in which I teach yoga or in your home. We will determine location during the discovery session.  We will also discuss the session that will support your best life!

Please send me a message if you have questions or schedule a complimentary discovery phone consultation. 

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