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Hear the Whisper

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The world talks to us through a megaphone, loud and clear: "Do this, Do that."  "You should be this or you should be that.  Your true purpose speaks in a whisper." 


It is time to block out the megaphone the world and Hear the Whisper.

Image by Jordan Opel

Finding balance is a

life long project

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What we hear from the world can leave us tried, confused,

feeling unworthy, anxious and even depressed.


Are tools that can support you, so that you can

Hear the Whisper.

French Coast

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

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Hear the Whisper,

is an opportunity to dive deep into your personal journey.

Discovering the whisper that is calling to you.

Breathwork and/or Mindful Mentoring


Hear the Whisper + Mindful Mentoring Sessions

As a retired School Counselor of 31 years and Yoga Instructor, I am bringing these two worlds together in order to serve others. Hear the Whisper is an expression of my desires. My hope is, it will inspire you to listen within.

Discovery Session

The discovery session is the opportunity to discuss over the phone, which offering is right for you.  15 min.

Breathwork or Mindful Mentoring

Hear The Whisper

To Hear the Whisper of the 


With the use of Learn to process your emotions, get out of your head, and connect to your truth.

Mindful Mentoring

Mindful Mentoring

Putting into action habits that can change your daily life for the better!

Easeful Living!

Breathwork Sessions
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